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This dryer has enough lines to hang wash, yet folds into an extremely compact unit when not in use. The device is spring-loaded for easy opening and made of aluminum to resist corrosion.

Line-drying your laundry does less damage to clothing and to the environment. You'll save energy and money (electric clothes dryers use 10 times the electricity of a washing machine). And there's nothing like the fresh scent of the sun and the breeze on your clothing and linens.

  • The built-in cover keeps the lines and rotary dryer clean and protected from the elements.
  • The protective cover automatically retracts into the center pole when released at the bottom.
  • Constructed of high-quality airplane aluminum that is anodized and weatherproof coated.
  • The plastic parts are made from industrial strength Polyamide plastics.
  • The clothesline is made from "Twaron" high tension fiber.
  • The rotary dryer is very easy to install using the included ground socket/tube that can be inserted directly into the ground.
  • Comes assembled and ready to use out of the box.

Customer Reviews

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It's a good size, and is attractive. The lines are well made, however it is really weak thin aluminum that bends easy but is impossible to repair once bent. You MUST stick this in the ground the way the instructions say, or the wind WILL dump this on the ground and bend it beyond redemption. I've used this anyway for a year but I want to replace it. You get what you pay for and this is not a sturdy structure. Partially my fault as I wanted to use it immediately and thought I could anchor it well enough until my husband cemented it in. First mild wind and I had two badly bent arms that I can't fix. Edited. It looks like by the reviews, it's changed in quaility in the year since I bought it. I'll have to see when I reorder mine.


I love this clothes line! We had a traditional clothes line but my husband tore it down with the roll bar on the lawnmower, so this is a much better option for us. I put it up myself easily in just a few minutes. I didn’t concrete it in at first (installation instructions suggest you do) and it leaned over with heavy weight because the ground wasn’t hard enough to hold it upright. Once concreted in, it was great and didn’t lean over. The picture is a king size comforter hanging on it, so it is very large. I have a heavy duty washing machine and I can hang 2 large loads of laundry on it. It spins easily so you could stand in one spot and hang the clothes up. I love the feel and smell of freshly laundered sheets after hangin on the line all day!

Great antenna

Replace the line with wire and the bolts with insulators, and presto, a backyard deep space antenna. Connect about 100 of them, and you have an array, right in your backyard, that you can use to search for Grey aliens, lizard people, or to prove that Earth is flat. That will keep you busy while the rest of us work to clean things up.

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